Crew Assignments and Agenda for 2019

We are consulting with supervisors and staff in putting crews together and assigning those crews to our Friday stadium sites. As soon as that work is finalized, we’ll post it here and send out the updates. We also are finalizing times for our Friday and Saturday agenda sessions. The agenda will be posted for you when it is ready, but know that Friday will begin with sign-in at the Radisson headquarters from 9am to noon. Our introductory meeting will begin at 1 pm, and all crews will depart for scrimmages around 4pm. We will reconvene at the Radisson for our fun post-game meal and social hour. Saturday will begin early for those who want to loosen up at the annual Zebra Run 2-miler. The balance of Saturday’s events (including film review of Friday’s scrimmages, breakouts and other sessions) and our luncheon will be held at our new venue….to be announced.

New 2019 Venues

Our headquarters hotel will again be the Radisson - El Paso Airport. The Radisson will be where we host sign in/registration and our opening session and post-scrimmage meal/social hour on Friday. But for Saturday, we will be announcing a great new venue for our film review, breakouts, luncheon and other sessions. Stay tuned!

Photo Submissions

If you have not sent your photo to us by email (, please do so before Tuesday May 7. We will be sending details about all the officials to our supervisors and staff in advance of Camp weekend. Please don’t be the person without a photo in the roster book!

 2019 Camp - OPEN for Registration

This site is now open for registration. We will have periodic updates as we get closer to Camp in May.  Please check back here and on our Facebook page ( for updates.

2019 Teams and Scrimmage Sites. El Paso offers plenty of snaps and action for all of our crews under the observation of the supervisors and position coaches. We will go over the crew and site assignments during our introductory session Friday, starting at 1:30 in the rear atrium area at the Radisson. Sign-in at the Radisson will begin at 9:00 Friday morning. There is no rush to sign-in because we will be available from 9:00 and through the lunch hour to make sure you get squared away, have a chance to visit our equipment vendor and mingle with the officials and staff who will be in El Paso from over 20 states.  You will receive a number bib (with pins) at sign-in that you will need to attach to your stripes before you head out to your Friday and Saturday field assignments. The number will help our staff and videographers identify you as your officiate your scrimmages.

In the opening session, please make an effort to meet your crewmates and be sure to sit together as crews . You will be asked to briefly introduce yourself to the group. This opening session will conclude in time for crews to get to know each other and pre-game for scrimmage work. Remember that transportation to each stadium site is on your own. This has not proven to be a problem in years past, but you will need to coordinate with those who have cars to share rides and plan for getting yourself and your crewmates to the stadium sites on time. All Friday scrimmages will begin in the early evening, Saturday sessions will be held at the Ysleta Independent School District/Eastwood Stadium facilities at 8:30 am.

It will be hot, so please take care of your hydration, nutrition and sunscreen needs.  We are ready for another great Camp weekend! 

2019 Camp Essentials

Photo and Profile Information: All 2019 registrants will be asked to provide us with a “passport-style” photo and contact information. We will compile a photo roster that will be sent to our Conference Supervisors and Camp staff. As is typically the case, our staff will ask that certain officials work particular positions or work at certain scrimmage sites with particular crewmates, and we attempt to accommodate those requests in finalizing crews and assignments.

Camp Schedule: Our Camp will operate in 2019 much like it has in past years.  Officials will have the opportunity to work 8-man mechanics in live scrimmages over two days.  Our staff of collegiate supervisors and NFL/AAF/FBS officials will observe your work both on the field and with video of the Friday scrimmages. Friday's scrimmages will begin late afternoon/early evening. As we finalize the scrimmage times for our stadium locations in early May, we will post a detailed agenda on this site.

Our basic format will allow officials to sign-in at the Camp headquarters (Radisson Hotel - El Paso Airport) from 9AM to Noon Friday, May 24. We recommend that you make your room reservations with the Radisson in order to be on-site for meetings, stadium departures and social events. Note: If you get to the hotel in the morning Friday, please expect that your room may not be ready for check-in.  The hotel can hold your luggage or we can store it in the Camp sign-in room.

Friday will start with sign-in that begins at 9 AM and will run through noon.  At sign-in, you will get your Camp goodies and meet some of your staff to say hello and get any questions answered.  You will get a number bib that we ask you to pin on the back of your stripes.  We will have a couple of vendors at the hotel to offer health, fitness and officiating gear.  You can also register for the Saturday morning Zebra Stampede fun run. Our opening Friday session for introductions, orientation and presentations will begin at 1:30. We will ask that you sit together as a crew at this session so that you can get to know the other officials you will be working with on-field and so that your staff can start to get familiar with the crews.

Scrimmages will begin early Friday evening at area stadiums. Remember to arrange your own transportation while you are in El Paso. Either rent a car or make friends with someone who has wheels. Dress in full uniform for Friday's work, as your scrimmages will be recorded by our videographers for staff review sessions on Saturday. After the scrimmages on Friday, we will host an evening mixer back at the hotel, with sandwiches and drinks.  This will start around 9:00.  Dress is casual for this fun event.  It is a great opportunity to meet your staff and fellow officials from around the country.

Saturday morning (May 25) will start early with an optional 2+mile easy "Zebra Run" for those who want to demonstrate their mobility and fitness - bring your running gear! You never know what supervisors may show up for the run, so please consider joining us. Everything Saturday will be at the Ysleta Independent School District and Eastwood Stadium facilites. Dress will be your summer uniform (shorts) as you rotate through review sessions of Friday game video, breakouts, and field work with a drills put on by our staff from the PAC-12. We will cater in a luncheon at the Ysleta facility and usually conclude Saturday afternoon by 3 pm or so. We will wrap up back at the hotel for snacks and goodbyes.

Officiating Gear. Honig’s will be on-site with us Friday during check-in so you can stock up on great officiating supplies.

Finalized Agenda. Your final schedule for 2019's Friday and Saturday stadium assignments and events will be posted in the days leading up to Camp.

Expected forecast - Hot! Be sure to prepare for the heat with plans to hydrate properly and use sunscreen protection. Welcome to El Paso!

El Paso Sports Commission - Thank You!

Our camp would not be possible without the great help each year from the El Paso Sports Commission. Brian Kennedy (President/CEO) and Thea Chambers (Marketing Director) work hard each year to make sure we can present the best opportunities for officials from around the country to work some football and sample our El Paso hospitality. If you see Brian and Thea while you are here, please thank them for everything they do!  Read click below to read more about El Paso Sports Commission.

Hotel Headquarters for the Camp

Our camp headquarters hotel again this year will be the Radisson-El Paso Airport. As in past years, your rate will include a breakfast at the hotel restaurant for each day's stay. When making your reservation, please mention the Camp. We strongly urge that you stay at the Radisson because the hotel will be the site for our meetings, meals, social hour and other events.

Here is the contact information for the hotel:
Radisson Hotel -- El Paso Airport
1770 Airway Boulevard, El Paso TX 79925
Reservations: 1-800-395-7046 Toll-free
Telephone: (915) 772-3333

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