2019 Crews to be published as we finalize things in May.  Please check back on this site and on Facebook.

As in years past, we expect to field up to 18 crews. As we do each year, we consult with our staff in teaming up the officials who will work together at scrimmages as crews. As part of this process, we will ask some officials to work positions that may not be their "normal" or first choice positions. Please bear with us in this as we probably have a good reason for asking you to be seen on a particular crew or in a particular position.

Crew Work

We anticipate having 18 crews of 8 officials each, but as happens each year, we expect to juggle things over the last few days to make some adjustments to accommodate late cancellations and other changes.  Weather permitting.....there should be plenty of snaps to work both Friday and Saturday.

As we get closer to Camp, will will assemble the crew rosters for you, along with assignments for our Friday scrimmages and Saturday rotations.  Keep checking this site, our Facebook page and your email in-boxes for further updates as Camp nears.

Crew assignments will be made prior to Camp.  Although we make every reasonable effort to slot people where they prefer to work or to accommodate crewmate requests, please understand that - just like in a game where someone goes out with an injury - you may be called upon to work a position that is not your first choice or your "natural" position.  Also, as inevitably happens, some of officials may suffer a travel delay in getting to El Paso or can't make the trip for whatever reason.  This may mean some officials or some crews get "extra" snaps or have to fill in if a crew has a gap.  Some crew might, for example, have to work 7-man instead of 8-man mechanics.  Please bear with us if things like this happen (as they do every year) and be flexible.