Safe Travels! A Few Reminders...

Officials and staff from around the country will again join us in El Paso this coming May 27-28,2016.

Those who have been with us in the past will know this, but you will want to have booked your room at the Radisson Hotel. All our events will be based out of the Radisson. The hotel is very close to the airport and the Radisson offers a shuttle, but please make arrangements to rent a car or otherwise share rides to get yourself to and from the stadium sites. This has not been a problem in the past, but know that the Camp does not provide transportation.

At registration sign-in Friday afternoon, we will issue you a number placard that you will need to pin to the back of your officiating shirt (we will provide safety pins). Your staff will have a roster that identifies everyone by their assigned number.

El Paso weather in late May can climb into the upper 90's, so bring sunscreen and be sure to stay hydrated. For Saturday (we'll be at UTEP's Sun Bowl facilities all day), it is a good idea to bring a small carry bag or backpack so you can have your essentials with you.

Friday night, we'll host everyone at the Radisson for post-scrimmage sandwiches, drinks and fun. This is always a great time to socialize.

Saturday, we'll break for a barbecue lunch that we will cater in for everyone. We usually conclude Camp in the early afternoon Saturday and for those that don't need to travel home early, we'll have some snacks to wrap up back at the Radisson.