2015 Crews

The 11th annual El Paso Football Officials Camp presented by the El Paso Sports Commission will take place May 26-28, 2016.  The men and women attending the Camp enjoy a great opportunity to sharpen their on-field officiating skills with “real-time” guidance from an instructional staff comprised of NCAA conference supervisors and top NFL and collegiate officials.   At stadium sites throughout El Paso, including the Sun Bowl, Camp attendees officiate high school spring scrimmages over two days and receive guidance on the field and during post-game video review sessions.

As the Camp’s presenting sponsor since 2010, the El Paso Sports Commission has been instrumental in elevating El Paso’s reputation as the “go to” location for the best officiating training in the country.  In its history, the Camp has attracted men and women from 37 states (and even as far away as American Samoa and Sweden) who want to advance in the officiating ranks.  And, El Paso truly has been a springboard for up-and-coming officials…Camp attendees have been hired to work football in Conference USA, the PAC-12, Big 12, American, Mountain West, Sun Belt, Southland, SWAC and other leagues.  Many of those officials have earned spots in post-season bowl and championship games.  

Our staff has been comprised of the biggest names in football, including NFL officials Walt Anderson, Tony Corrente, Terry McAulay, Greg Gautreaux, Gerald Austin, Greg Meyer, Ruben Fowler, Mark Perlman, Byron Boston, Carl Paganelli, Patrick Turner and Sarah Thomas.  Together, they have worked a collective 20 Super Bowls!

We will use Center Judges at the Camp again this year...this is a great opportunity to get ready for the NCAA mechanics now being used across all conferences. All our scrimmages will be worked by 8-man crews, so we expect you to be familiar with the applicable mechanics. After our introductory session Friday afternoon, we will offer a staff presentation about the basic duties and mechanics of the Center Judge (including the CJ's responsibility to walk off all penalties). All are welcome to attend, but we certainly encourage those who will be working CJ to participate.

Here are the scrimmage crews. We tried to slot everyone as best as possible with requested positions and crewmates. If you are not initially assigned to your desired position, make friends with your crew and perhaps agree with someone else to swap out positions as you go through your scrimmages Friday and Saturday - there should be plenty of snaps to work.

Crew # 1
R Abram Anaya
C Joe Stahmer
U Van Romero
H Chris Garner
L Xavier Velazquez
F Joseph Martinez
S Michael Ancira
B Stephanie Anderson

Crew # 2
R Rolando Gonzalez
C Juan Cardenas
U Bobby Alcantar
H Austin Curtis
L Don Guidry
F Jordan Berry
S Fred Hamsayeh
B Craig Wilson

Crew # 3
R Scott Ehret
C Scott Meador
U Anthony Miller
H Gabriel Gutierrez Vela
L Edward Basquez
F Bobby Grove
S Alex Herrera
B JB Garza

Crew #4
R Jon Noli
C Scott Alford
U Tony Allen
H Frank Fontes
L Jeff Bloszies
F Jeff Guadagno
S Ashante Jordan
B Brett Ford

Crew # 5
R Vidal Jones
C Damian Caldwell
U Sterling Del Rey
H Alan Bryant
L Brad Hallock
F Bryant Kennedy
S Steve McFall
B Mike Bressler

Crew # 6
R Troy Antill
C Mike Contreraz
U Joseph Chisolm
H Benjamin Keller
L David Curiel
F Scott Amerman
S Dustin Drawhorn
B Todd Bissett

Crew # 7
R Raymond Pasion
C DJ June
U David Bowmaster
H Pete DeLeon
L Dan Larkin
F Mark Hayes
S Kelly Jones
B Orlando Chavarria

Crew # 8
R James Sauvage
C Andrew Marcellus
U Tim Hendrix
H Jeremy Hill
L Allen Marshall
F Doug King
S Daniel Mena
B Mark Clayton

Crew # 9
R Mark Sidell
C Anthony Carter
U David Reyes
H Rob Marks
L Anthony Perez
F David Prather
S Jon Price
B Cecil Harrison

Crew # 10
R Jarvis Walker
C Brad Marcum
U Jarod Middleton
H Benjamin Pinckney
L Scott Willeford
F Robert Silver
S Ryan Stevens
B Jason Johnson

Crew #11
R Arnold Gladson
C Vijay Madduri
U James Lester
H Bob Klobuchar
L Stormy Johnson
F Mitchell Remba
S Eric Stoffers
B David Langley

Crew #12
R Matt Jones
C Michael Moore
U Benny Luera
H Michael Papushak
L Scott Walker
F John Treacy
S Marcus Thornton
B Bobby Lynn

Crew # 13
R Dan Lewis
C Timothy Rittman
U Craig Mitchell
H Jeremy Epps
L Carl Weiss
F Walter Sloan
S Tyree Walton
B Dan Burch

Crew # 14
R Joey Newsom
C Mark Mobra
U Terry Torline
H Nicholas Rubatt
L Keith Denebeim
F Kevin Willcox
S Rodney Bryant
B Aaron Orsatti

Crew # 15
R Dan Rankin
C Darren Winkley
U Stephon Sampson
H Stefan Rahm
L Brandon Ballou
F Jeremee Tate
S Jesse Mendoza
B Duane Moku